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SpringSource tc Server (6.0.X)

SpringSource tc Server is a 100%-compatible drop-in replacement for Apache Tomcat. It provides all the runtime advantages of Tomcat, plus operational management, advanced diagnostics, mission-critical support, and unmatched visibility into Spring-powered applications—none of which come with the open-source product. tc Server is also ideal for virtual and cloud-based environments, thanks to its lean architecture and small footprint.

Download our newest release, SpringSource tc Server 2.X!  (Because of nomenclature changes, the new release is 2.0, and the older release is 6.0.)

The SpringSource tc Server documentation includes the following guides:

Getting Started with tc Server [HTML | PDF | Single HTML]

tc Server Administration Guide [HTML | PDF | Single HTML]

SpringSource AMS Documentation [HTML]

Download Complete Documentation [ZIP]

SpringSource tc Server Developer Edition, currently in preview release, bundles just the tc Server application server component with Spring Insight. Spring Insight is a Web application that gives developers real-time visibility into their own application's behavior and performance.

Developer Edition with Spring Insight (Preview) [HTML | PDF | Single HTML]