Overview of tc Server Directories, Variables, and Configuration Files

This section provides basic reference information about the tc Server installation directories and the most important configuration files. The section includes the following topics:

When you install the tc Server application server itself (as opposed to the AMS-related components), the install script asks you for a main installation directory; the install script then creates a sub-directory under the inputted directory called tcServer-6.0 that contains all tc Server-related files.

The tcServer-6.0 directory in turn contains the following directories and files:

As already implied, after installing tc Server, you can chose to use the following two directory layouts for your tc Server instance(s):

The SpringSource layout differs slightly from the Apache layout in that SpringSource separates the runtime binaries from the configuration data. For additional details about how the SpringSource layout differs from standard Apache, see Differences between the SpringSource and ASF Layouts of tc Server. Unless otherwise indicated, it is assumed that you are using the SpringSource directory layout.

tc Server Variables

The following two tc Server variables are used extensively in the documentation.

tc Server Directory Structure

After you install tc Server, the CATALINA_HOME and CATALINA_BASE directories contain the following sub-directories. As a reminder, when using the ASF directory layout, CATALINA_HOME and CATALINA_BASE are the same.

tc Server Configuration Files

You configure a particular tc Server instance by changing its configuration files (either by editing the XML file by hand or using AMS); later chapters of the documentation describe how to do this. All the configuration files for a tc Server are located in its CATALINA_BASE/conf directory. The most important configuration files are as follows:

Differences between the SpringSource and ASF Layouts of tc Server

SpringSource tc Server provides two "flavors" of the tc Server application server itself, based on the layout of their installation directories: ASF and SpringSource. ASF uses the standard Apache Tomcat directory layout that current Apache users should instantly recognize. This directory is located in INSTALL_DIR/tcServer-6.0/tomcat-version, where version is the version of tc Server such as 6.0.20.C. This directory is ready to use immediately, which means it includes a tc Server instance by default.

The SpringSource layout is slightly different, mostly in that it supports multiple instances of tc Server with a single set of binaries. This adds the following value for customers:

The SpringSource layout also provides a script for easily creating new instances of tc Server. The SpringSource layout does not provide a default server instance right after installation; you must create one using the script. For details, see Creating Instances in the SpringSource Layout.