4.2 What's New and Changed in This Release?

2.5.3 SR1 Maintenance Release

The tc Server 2.5.3 SR1 maintenance release upgrades tc Runtime 6.0 and 7.0 and provides minor bug fixes.

tc Runtime Version Upgrades

This VMware® vFabric™ tc Server release includes the following versions of tc Runtime:

Apache Tomcat security vulnerabilities fixed in tc Runtime 7.0.50.C.Release.

Issue Number Description
CVE-2014-0050 Information Disclosure

Severity: Important

A vulnerability related to malformed requests potentially leading to a denial of service was fixed.

2.5.2 Maintenance Release

The tc Server 2.5.2 maintenance upgrades tc Runtime 6.0 and tc Runtime 7.0 and provides minor bug fixes.

The Hyperic tc Server plug-in version 2.5.2 is included in the Hyperic maintenance release. The tc Server plug-in is now Java 1.5 compatible as required by Hyperic.

tc Runtime Version Upgrades

tc Server 2.5.2 includes the following upgraded tc Runtime versions:

2.5.1 Maintenance Release

tc Runtime 7.0 Version Update

The tc Runtime 7.0 version is based on tomcat-7.0.16.A-RELEASE as its core.

New Option for Hyperic tc Server Command-Line create-group Command

The Hyperic tc Server command-line interface create-group command has a new --version option to specify the tc Runtime version. The option accepts values of 6.0 and 7.0. Only servers of the specified tc Runtime version can be added to a group.

2.5.0 Release

The 2.5.0 release of tc Server includes support for tc Runtimes based on Tomcat 6.0 and Tomcat 7.0. You can choose the version of tc Runtime when you create an instance. tc Runtime 7.0 offers several new features, including support for the Servlet 3.0, JSP 2.2, and JSP-EL2.2 specifications, as well as security improvements.

Following are additional features and changes that are new to this tc Server release: