Using Spring Insight

Jon Travis

Scott Andrews

Beverley Talbott

Juliet Shackell

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Table of Contents

1. Copyright Notice
2. What Is Spring Insight?
2.1. What You Can Do with Spring Insight
2.2. How Spring Insight Works
2.3. Supported Environments
3. Installing and Configuring Spring Insight
3.1. Installing Spring Insight
3.2. Configuring Spring Insight
3.3. Increasing Memory when Using Spring Insight
4. Using Spring Insight
4.1. Before You Begin
4.2. Viewing Recent Activity of Your Application
4.3. Browsing all Applications and Endpoints
4.4. Viewing Spring Insight Data In Google Speed Tracer
4.5. Using Annotations To Customize Insight Data For Your Application
5. Overview of Spring Insight Development
5.1. Prerequisites for Installing the Spring Insight Development Kit
5.2. Installing the Insight Development Kit
6. Using the Spring Insight Plug-ins
6.1. Relationships Among Spring Insight Objects and Plug-ins
6.2. Building and Deploying the Sample Plug-in
6.3. Using the Sample Plug-in
6.4. Building a Plug-in from the Source Code
7. Tutorial: Creating an Insight Plug-in with the Insight Development Kit
8. Core Plug-in Reference
8.1. insight-annotation
8.2. insight-grails
8.3. insight-jdbc
8.4. insight-servlet
8.5. insight-springcore
8.6. insight-springtx
8.7. insight-springweb
8.8. Server-Based Instrumentation
8.9. API Status