3. Installing and Configuring Spring Insight

In this chapter, you install and configure Spring Insight.

3.1 Installing Spring Insight

There are two ways to install Spring Insight:

  • Install the Developer Edition of tc Server and start using the spring-insight-instance that is already configured with Spring Insight. You can also create a new tc Runtime instance by specifying this instance as a template.

    For details, see Installing Developer Edition.

  • Download Spring Insight as a standalone template ( springsource-insight-tc-server-developer-edition-version.zip ) and install it into any existing 2.X tc Server installation, as described in the rest of this section. The standalone bundle always includes the latest version of Spring Insight.

The bundle installs as a tc Runtime template. You can install many versions of Spring Insight in tc Server this way; all the versions will reside under the CATALINA_BASE/templates directory of your tc Server installation.. You then choose which Insight version you want to apply when you create a tc Runtime instance with the tcruntime-instance.sh script.


The following instructions are written for Unix users; Windows users should change forward-slashes to back-slashes and use *.bat command scripts rather than *.sh.

To install the Spring Insight template bundle into an existing tc Server installation and create a new tc Runtime instance that uses the template :

  1. From the SpringSource tc Server Developer Edition with Spring Insight Web site, download the springsource-insight-tc-server-developer-edition-version.zip file.

  2. Open a terminal window and change to the templates directory of the tc Server home directory. For example, if you installed the Standard Edition of tc Server in /home/tcserver:

    prompt$ cd /home/tcserver/springsource-tc-server-standard/templates
  3. Unzip the Spring Insight bundle into this directory. For example:

    prompt$ unzip /path/to/springsource-insight-tc-server-developer-edition-1.0.0-RELEASE.zip

    In this example, the version of Spring Insight is 1.0.0-RELEASE; you might have downloaded a different version.

    The unzip command creates a directory under templates called springsource-insight-tc-server-developer-edition-version.

  4. Change to the main tc Server installation directory:

    prompt$ cd /home/tcserver/springsource-tc-server-standard
  5. Create a tc Runtime instance that uses the Spring Insight template you just untarred. For example:

    prompt$ ./tcruntime-instance.sh -c -s insightPlay -t springsource-insight-tc-server-developer-1.0.0-RELEASE

    In the preceding example, the script creates a tc Runtime instance called insightPlay using the template springsource-insight-tc-server-developer-1.0.0-RELEASE, which automatically configures Spring Insight for the instance.

  6. Start the instance using the tcruntime-ctl.sh script:

    prompt$ ./tcruntime-ctl.sh insightPlay start
  7. Access the Spring Insight dashboard in your browser:


    where host refers to the computer on which you are running the tc Runtime instance. If on the same computer as your browser, you can use localhost: