Instrumented Spring Reference Guide

Jennifer Hickey

Beverley Talbott

Spring Instrumentation

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Table of Contents

1. Copyright Notice
2. Introduction to Instrumented Spring Products
2.1. About This Guide
2.2. Audience
2.3. Requirements
2.4. JAR Components
2.5. How Spring Instrumentation Works
3. Managed Beans
3.1. Spring Framework Metrics
3.2. Spring Security Metrics
3.3. Spring Web Flow Metrics
3.4. Spring Web Services Metrics
4. Instrumenting Applications
4.1. Adding Instrumented JARs to Applications
4.2. Configuring Applications for Auto-Discovery
4.3. Configuring Applications for Remote JMX Access
4.4. Configuring Applications for Monitoring (Optional)
4.5. Enabling Discovery and Monitoring of Flow Executions (Optional)
4.6. Verifying Auto-Discovery of Deployed Applications
5. Managing Custom Components
5.1. Exporting Components to JMX
6. Integrating Instrumented Applications with Monitoring Systems