3.2. Supported Platforms

TCP/IPv6 is required on all platforms. Modern platforms have this support installed already. It is not necessary to configure IPv6 adapters; simply install the IPv6 socket support drivers and associated libraries. Vendor patch sets for compatibility with the current release of vendor or IBM Java are recommended for all ERS httpd installations, because the operating system flaws that affect sockets and multi-threaded services for Java similarly affect ERS httpd and its support libraries.

Note: VMware supports only those operating system versions that are still supported by the OS vendor and that have not been designated end-of-life (EOL). For example, the inclusion of "IBM AIX 6.1 or later" in the following tables means that VMware supports vFabric ERS with AIX 6.1 and later versions that are currently available and supported under IBM's policies.

Table 3.1. ERS 4.0.x Platform Requirements

Operating SystemProcessorVersion RequirementsImportant Notes
Linuxx86 and x86_64Minimum kernel 2.6.18, equivalent to RHEL 5 or later 
LinuxPowerPCMinimum kernel 2.6.18, equivalent to RHEL 5 or laterPatch Linux to support IBM's Java 5 release.
IBM AIXPower 5+6.1 or laterPatch AIX to support IBM's Java 5
SolarisSparcSolaris 10 
Solarisx86 and x86_64Solaris 10 
Windows Server (see Important Notes)x86 and x64Windows Server 2008Apache httpd 2.2 is only supported on Windows Server 2008 x86 32-bit and 64-bit editions. ERS 4.0 currently is shipped only with 32-bit binary for Windows, which is compatible with and supported on the x64 Server edition.

See VMware Lifecycle Product Matrix for the End of General Support and End of Technical Guidance dates for various versions of vFabric Enterprise Ready Server.