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SpringSource Deprecation Policy

The support policy for deprecated functionality varies according to the type of functionality and the general policies outlined below.

Note: Release numbering nomenclature is defined at SpringSource Product Maintenance. A major version is a unique combination of Release (1st digit) and Version (2nd digit).

Deprecated functionality with no clear migration path or replacement functionality will be marked as deprecated in a particular release and then fully supported in that release and in the next major version, at a minimum, before being removed from the product.

Deprecated programmatic or scriptable functionality that has a clearly defined migration path or replacement functionality may be removed in a major version without notice of deprecation. The migration path and replacement functionality will be documented in or referenced from the Release Notes.

Functionality that is accessible solely through a human interface (typically a GUI), and for which a clearly identified alternative path through the interface achieves a similar result, may be both deprecated and removed from the product in the same major version, without notice of deprecation.